• {Gluten Free} Chocolate Chip Rice Crispy Cookies

    This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. The perfect mix of crispy & chewy! These {Gluten Free} Chocolate Chip Rice Crispy Cookies are irresistible. I believe everyone needs a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe in […]
  • Felt Heart Pouch Craft for Kids

    This sweet Valentine’s Day craft is fun and simple. Perfect project for little hands! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, especially with little ones. Doing heart crafts and sharing treats with people we love is so much fun. These Felt Heart Pouches are the perfect little sack to slip valentines into. They are super easy to […]
  • 10 Best Tips to Help Build Your Child’s Writing Skills

    This is a guest post by Alexandra Eidens, founder of Big Life Journal, an engaging resource to help kids develop a resilient growth mindset so they can face life’s challenges with confidence. Writing is an essential form of communication, providing an outlet for expression and a means for proving what’s learned. Parents seek what is […]
  • Kids Candy Cane Ornament

    Learn how to make these cute and easy candy cane ornaments. The perfect Christmas family craft! Do you remember making these candy cane ornaments in school? Isn’t it funny, how something can be so simple, but we forget about it for years? Then when you have kids, you all of a sudden remember these fun […]
  • Gluten Free Funfetti Cake Mix Cookies

    These soft, fluffy, {Gluten free} cookies are super easy to make, thanks to your favorite cake mix! Is there ever a wrong time for funfetti cookies? I think not! It’s a fact that sprinkles bring the kid out in everyone. So why not have a little fun! (Lord knows we could all use a little […]
  • {Dollar Tree} Snowman Craft

    This {Dollar Tree} Snowman Craft is a super simple winter project that kids will love!  I know a lot of people think it’s just wrong to do before Thanksgiving but I really love getting into the Christmas spirit! This snowman craft is easy to make and a cute little addition to your Christmas decor. Your kids […]
  • How to Start Homeschooling on a Budget

    Learn how to homeschool on a budget and still provide the best education for your children! Many families are turning to homeschool when distance learning is not working for their child. This can be a strain on family budgets both from having a parent staying home with their children, along with the unexpected supply and […]
  • Simple Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Busy

    When kids are stuck at home (and inside) they can get bored fast. Being prepared with simple indoor activities is a great way to ensure your children stay happy and calm, even when life gets out of hand. These simple activities to keep your kids busy are a great way to take away the stress […]
  • Banana Pancake Dippers

    Yummy banana filled pancakes you can eat with your fingers. I’m trying to bring a little excitement back to our weekday breakfasts over here. I feel like we often get into a rut of cereal, peanut butter toast or bagels. Feeding 3 little hungry tummies early in the morning is hard! I usually stumble out […]
  • Cucumber & Ham Wrap with Creamy Ranch Spread

    Whether you are sending your kids to school this fall or not, you still need to have some easy lunch recipes ready to go. This Cucumber & Ham Wrap with Creamy Ranch Spread is a delicious, nutritious lunch for your kids and super simple to throw together in a hurry. Wraps are my kids favorite! […]
  • Kid-Friendly {Healthier} Valentine Treats

    With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, its nice to have a few healthy treats in the arsenal. These Kid-Friendly {Healthier} Valentine Treats are perfect if you are planning a classroom celebration or a party at home this Valentine’s Day! These popular recipes are delicious, simple and kid approved! Satisfy your sweet tooth without sabotaging your diet. […]
  • Sweet Potato & Turkey Bites

    Mini meatballs made with lean turkey and savory sweet potatoes. It’s always super important to me to have a few fast and healthy dinners in my repertoire. Meatballs may not be the most impressive things to make in your kitchen, but they sure are a lifesaver when life gets busy. Do you ever end up […]